Analysis of medicines market in Russia

consulting on entering the pharmaceutical market of Russia

Access to the new, unfamiliar to the company, market outlet, is always a high risk and complex task. The decision on bringing of its products into a new market is not taken spontaneously and should be based on the data enabling to predict with a high probability the further development of the life of the product.

Market analysis is a complex, time consuming and multistep process that requires experience, knowledge and established contacts that enable in the shortest time span to collect, compile and analyze statistical, economic and other related data and to form a unified, detailed expert report, which allows to design lines of conduct and build forecasts. We carefully check all data used in our work that allows us to guarantee the reliability and accuracy of the information we provide.

We carry out not only data processing and analysis, and form dry reports. We develop a list of recommendations, strategy and ways to develop your medicinal product on the market of Russia, we take into account market trends, exploring the competitive environment (the presence of similar or analogous products, the demand for a given medicinal product or pharmaceutical substance, the reputation of competing companies and their marketing strategies) and the situation in the sphere of registration of medicinal products and pharmaceutical substances, awareness and the needs of physicians. Guided by the data obtained, we can help you predict future demand for the product, potential sales, and offer the development of marketing strategy.

Experience and knowledge of our staff and invited experts allow us to guarantee the high quality of the data obtained and allow you to enter the market optimally.