Registration of disinfecting agents

Disinfectants, insecticides, rodenticides

Disinfecting agents are chemical compounds used for the destruction in the environment of etiological agents of infectious diseases of humans and animals.

Disinfecting agents usually include:

Disinfectants are chemical agents to destroy the pathogens that are the source of infectious diseases.
Insecticides are chemicals to control arthropods (insects and mites), which transfer infectious diseases, and cause harm to food and agricultural products, and human houses.
Rodenticides are chemicals to destroy harmful warm-blooded animals (ground-squirrels, voles, mice, rats and birds).

Nowadays, disinfecting agents are used extensively in many areas of human activity. The increase in population and industrial centers and intensification of production technological processes violate sanitary-hygienic well-being and increase the probability of epizootics. That, in turn, requires extensive use of disinfectants.

According to the purpose they can be divided into:

  • means for disinfection and technological cleaning of equipment, inventory, packaging and surfaces of production facilities at meat, dairy and bakery industry;
  • means for disinfection surfaces in homes, sanitary-technological equipment, surfaces of instruments and apparatus when carrying out preventive, current and final disinfection in health care facilities (HCF), community facilities (child care centers, hotels, dormitories, swimming pools, sports complexes, beauty salons);
  • means for treatment of surfaces of equipment and devices, pre-sterilization and final cleaning of medical devices, patient-care items in HCF.

The rapidly deteriorating environmental situation, the possibility of development of endemic diseases, care for human health and safety - all require a mandatory control on efficacy and safety of the means used. Under Federal Law of 30.03.1999 № 52-FZ “On the sanitary-epidemiological welfare of population” and the Customs Union Agreement on Sanitary Measures, disinfecting, desinsecticidal and deratizational means are subject to mandatory state registration.

State registration of disinfecting, desinsecticidal and deratizational means is carried out by the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare (Rospotrebnadzor) on the basis of expert opinions on the authorized organizations on compliance of the registered products to the requirements of the Uniform sanitary-epidemiological and hygienic requirements to goods subject to sanitary and epidemiological surveillance (control) in the territory of the Eurasian Economic Community Customs Union.

Obtaining the certificate of registration is a multi-step process that requires close cooperation with regulatory bodies and expert organizations, which requires a perfect knowledge of the regulatory framework and understanding of the registration procedure.

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