Registration of sports nutrition

food additives and systems used for the athletes nutrition

Food products for the athletes nutrition (sports nutrition) is a specialized food products with a given chemical composition, high nutritional value and (or) targeted efficiency, consisting of a product complex and presented with their separate types, which has a specific effect on increasing the adaptive capacity of human to physical and nervous-emotional stress.

In fact, most of the products that belong to this group (multi-vitamins, protein, fat burners, etc.) were originally created to help sick people. The idea of positioning this food as sports nutrition emerged in the early 1970s with the development of bodybuilding. In pursuit of improving their performance, athletes turned to the know-how of natural sciences, including medicine, and large firms and specialized companies having captured this trend, created an entire line of products (all kinds of protein and amino acid supplements, vitamin and mineral supplements, etc).

The sports nutrition is as follows:

Dicarboxylic amino acids, especially glutamic and aspartic. They are digested very easily and are an excellent building material for muscles.
Multivitamins. With enhanced training the athletes metabolism is greatly increased. Therefore, athletes are in dire need of high doses of vitamins.
Preparations containing protein concentrates. The main ingredient necessary for muscle growth and energy replenish, is a protein. Therefore, the protein is one of the most popular sports supplements.
Gainers - foods that contain a mixture of protein concentrates and carbohydrates. They provide the athlete body with set of necessary materials for rapid muscle growth.
Fat burners, based on L-carnitine. L-carnitine contributes to cleavage of fats in muscle tissue, providing it with additional energy, which in turn increases the duration of training.
Additives which have directed regenerating action. They are based on different types of substances. For example, glucosamine and chondroitin protect joints from damage, nitric oxide helps to heal injuries and sprains.

According to the Unified list of goods subject to sanitary-epidemiological supervision (control) at the customs border and the customs territory of the Customs Union (Eurasian Economic Community), sports nutrition is subject to obligatory state registration.

State registration of food products to athlete nutrition is carried out to confirm the safety of the product and its compliance with the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union (Eurasian Economic Community) CU TR 021/2011 “On safety of food products”.

The executive agency responsible for state registration of sports nutrition is the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare (Rospotrebnadzor).

During the registration process the Rospotrebnadzor experts conduct an examination of the documents submitted and the results of research studies and trials carried out by the authorized expert agencies, and give a conclusion on issue or refusal to issue a certificate of state registration.

Certificate of state registration (registration certificate, RC) is issued singlefold for the entire period of the industrial production of sports nutrition of Russian manufacture or supply of imported products.

Specialists of the RusClinic CRO provide consulting services, covering all the questions on the registration of sports nutrition:

  • Development of regulatory documents;
  • Organization and monitoring of the necessary tests;
  • Preparation of registration dossier in accordance with the applicable requirements;
  • Submission of the dossier to the Rospotrebnadzor and monitoring of the passage of the registration process;
  • Obtaining the registration certificate.