FAQ, documents and other useful information

Laws, Acts, amendments drafts, guidelines

The documents and other useful information

We try to be open and accessible to our customer both actual and potential, so we are trying to gather and put in one place all the necessary documents as may be necessary for our clients. The world does not stand still and new laws and amendments to laws are written and submitted all the time.

That is why our database of documents (federal laws, rules regulations, amendments drafts, etc.) is constantly updated and kept up to date. If in one documents there are reference and guidance of other documents, we try to place a hyperlink to jump between documents. We hope you enjoy working with documents on our site!


Download the documentation

There are often situations when you do not have the internet, but it is necessary see a certain document. That is why we created a separate section, where the documents are posted on our website in such a way that they can be downloaded to your computer, laptop or tablet computer, and be always at hand.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

In this section we have tried to collect the most common questions about our work and the pharmaceutical market as a whole. “How do I register?”, “Where can I get it?”, “And what documents ...?” and so on.

If you have studied carefully this section, but did not find an answer to your questions, please call or email us. All information required for communication can be found on the Contact Us page.