Distribution of medicines

storage, sale, logistics

The main goal of any pharmaceutical company that comes to us for assistance in registering the medicinal product (or pharmaceutical substance), clinical or preclinical studies, market analysis and marketing research, is to sell its products to end users. That is why our range of services includes also distribution of medicines.

We offer our customers to become our partners in organizing the sales and distribution of their medicinal products. Depending on the needs and capabilities of a partner we can develop the necessary set of services and offer the most favorable conditions. For example, for foreign companies that do not have a representative office in Russia, we can offer a full range of services - import of medicinal products, passing customs control, transportation (logistics services), storage in specialized warehouses in compliance with the temperature regimes (including the technologically complex), further sale in pharmacies and health facilities.

We can assist in increasing sales volume by analyzing the current situation and finding new consumption segments.

We work in partnership with proven and reputable companies-distributors all over Russia, which enables to organize efficiently the distribution of medicinal products throughout Russia, including the most remote regions, which enables for the maximum number of patients to obtain the necessary preparations. In turn, our partners have the opportunity to broaden and deepen their market outlets and reach a new level of quality in their work.