Conducting of marketing research

research, planning, implementation

In today's market conditions, one of the main ways to increase the profitability of the product is properly conducted marketing research and implementation of marketing strategies based on it. Another factor increasing the profitability of the product is its innovation, but in the case of the pharmaceutical market, even an innovative product requires that physicians and patients were informed about it, its advantages and disadvantages.

Clients of RusClinic CRO receive a wide range of capabilities: networking with potential partners and customers - patients, physicians and opinion leaders. We assist our clients in the organization of conferences with leading experts, and preparation of marketing presentations and brochures.

One of the important directions of our activity is work with opinion leaders. Opinion leaders play an important role in the study of consumer preferences, as an opinion leader expresses not only his position, but also expresses the opinion of an entire social group, which eliminates the need to examine the entire audience of consumers. The attitude of “men of weight” will be a reliable indicator of the views of most respondents. But work with opinion leaders can be done in the opposite direction. For example, when promoting a product through social marketing, the main work is done with opinion leaders as those who the mass market follows. So, we are able to estimate demand and “make an offer”, to convey information to the target audience with a simple and understandable way for it.

Another important aspect of our work is work with professionals - doctors, who need to obtain detailed information about new medicinal product, to learn about how, when and under what conditions it is recommended or not recommended to use the medicinal product, what are its advantages over medicinal products already known, to get data on the medicinal product interactions. This process is complicated and time-consuming, but a sound approach and careful development of the strategy is guaranteed to bear fruit - the successful promotion and higher sales.